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Bioshock Infinite, an already iconic representation of storytelling in a video game, announced their DLC plans today.

The first installment, Clash in the Clouds, is a challenge map pack that includes a hub called the Columbia Archaelogical Society. At this in-game museum players can view and explore character & concept art, behind-the-scenes videos, and more.

The second & third installments are a two-part narrative story called Burial at Sea. This DLC will take place in Rapture from the original Bioshock during the underwater city’s apex as a utopia. From the footage in the trailer, (below) this looks like a noir detective story, featuring Booker & Elizabeth. Considering how strong and fully-realized the story in Bioshock Infinite was, the story in this upcoming narrative proves to be interesting, especially considering the ending of Bioshock Infinite.

Clash in the Clouds is available for download starting today for $4.99 on…

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Bioshock Infinite talks DLC


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