17 Signs You Grew Up In Indianapolis

Most of these totally apply!

Thought Catalog

  1. August is synonymous with elephant ears and saltwater taffy at the State Fair.
  2. You understand the true beauty of fall because you’ve been to Brown County in October.
  3. Your heroes growing up were Reggie Miller and Peyton Manning.
  4. Your parent/neighbor/friend’s mom worked for Eli Lilly.
  5. Weekends with the family were spent at Turkey Run, Tuttle Orchard, or Lake Wawasee.
  6. Your town had its own Fourth of July festival.
  7. You know who makes the best kettle corn: the Amish.
  8. Who needed a farmers market when you lived next to a soybean farm?
  9. You felt bad when the kids from Indianapolis made fun of the kids from Carmel.
  10. You weren’t fazed when it snowed one day and the next day it was 70 degrees outside.
  11. During the Great Snowpocalypse of 2011, you ice-skated in your front yard.
  12. You took school field trips to the NCAA Hall of Champions, the Children’s Museum, and…

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