I do not know how to deal with this video. We have a great pop ballad about breaking up, that is alternatively heartbroken victim and then full of the power of a woman scorned. The video has two sides too, we start with a vulnerable Miley crying, then suddenly she is naked and licking things! This strange dichotomy, instead of literally supporting the song comes off as the unneeded hyper-sexualization of Miley. It is gratuitous and unneeded, just… stop.

Overall, a great song that hearkens back to Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone, as a piece of music this has an interesting message, but add this overt sexualization of Miley, it falls from interesting to just pandering.


Excellent article full of facts about my favorite movie!

Thought Catalog

1. Pitch Perfect was Ester Dean’s first acting role in a movie — but far from her first gig. Dean, who plays Cynthia (aka the token lesbian), is a well-known songwriter, helping to pen such hits as “Rude Boy,” “Firework,” “Turn Me On,” “Mr. Know It All,” “Super Bass,” “Stronger” and “Where Have You Been.” “S&M,” which she sings in the movie, is one of her songs.

2. Elizabeth Banks plays one of the commentators in the film, best known for her work in The 40-Year Old Virgin, 30 Rock and The Hunger Games. However, she wasn’t the first choice for the role. Screenwriter Kay Cannon (of 30 Rock and Baby Mama) originally intended the role for Kristen Wiig, but Banks had to step in when the very-busy lady had to drop out. With Rebel Wilson starring in the film, we narrowly missed out on a mini-

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